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Affordable Architecture: Great Houses on a Budget
Affordable Architecture: Great Houses on a Budget
15 August 2010

Escape In Style, pgs. 52-57
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KTLA Channel 5 News
KTLA Channel 5 News
06 August 2010

Summer Entertaining Like an A-Lister
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CS Interiors
CS Interiors
01 August 2010

Shower Power, pg. 26 and Out Fest, pg. 50
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Latest News

Earlier this month the teams from KAA Design Group and Cisco Brothers celebrated the launch of their outdoor furniture collaboration - HOM Escape in Style by Cisco Brothers - at the Cisco Home showroom on La Brea.

The HOM furniture line is now available for online purchase! You can now add items to your cart, and use our secure checkout for fast service.
Open House
20 May 2009
The HOM Escape In Style™ showhouse is at KAA! Come experience our 1,000 square foot prefab dwelling and full line of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories, beginning Saturday May 23rd.

The Design Team

grant Kirkpatrick, president

"We like to say, 'every great design starts with a story'. The story of HOM is really more of a fairytale for KAA Design Group - the coming together of a dream made up of need, desire, and the collaboration of great designers to produce a complete lifestyle product line. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure that it is really here and so seductively compelling in its simplicity, purposefulness, and beauty. I am proud of our architects, brand experts, product designers, interior and landscape designers, and our management team - and equally proud of our association with proven industry leaders - to produce such a quality line of products. And to know that we have designed and produced this line with a focus on the future prosperity of the planet keeps us motivated as we expand into additional lifestyle venues and continue this great story of escaping in style."

JON RAHMAN, Product Design Director

"In the midst of a hectic day, good design can cause you to remember a place you knew as a child or just give you a moment of serenity. There are many emotions and memories good design can spark and the spectrum is vast. For the development of HOM, it was crucial that the designs not over power the individual, but rather evoke feelings of familiarity and a connection to nature. It needed to have a modern sensibility with a touch of rustic appeal. The designs are clean, purposeful and honest. In the end our play on rustic modern along with our attention to craft has made this product line one that will undoubtedly allow a person to escape in style."

BRIAN ADOLPH, Architectural Designer

"First and foremost, designing should be fun, and HOM was fun to create. It was also a challenge. Like most worthwhile efforts, the process was demanding but we are very proud of our work. HOM is a new market that grew from an opportunity to reinvent the struggling manufactured housing industry with our strengths: simple, refined design without unnecessary frills; a clear, modern organization of spaces and parts; a youthful spirit; and a comfortable lifestyle within a lush, outdoor setting. Now that it is freshly realized, HOM charms me with its clear sense of purpose to elegantly provide the basics and to delicately respect its natural environment."


"What makes HOM different is its holistic design approach. Everything is considered in the larger context - the brand's logo on a chair, the chair in a room, the room in a dwelling, and the dwelling in a particular environment. HOM was designed to be simple and purposeful, effortless and timeless. Our products help minimize a consumer's impact on the environment, while still supporting a stylish lifestyle."


"Style is something that exists not only in fashion; style also has to do with a feeling, the way we live. Good design can add a touch of beauty and elegance to our daily lives, creating entire experiences around emotions and memories. HOM was designed as a lifestyle brand centered on this idea - escaping to natural settings without compromising aesthetics or comfort. The HOM product line is simple, purposeful and crafted with an ecological mindset. It is meant to promote an indoor/outdoor connection and living lightly on the land in style."

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