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Affordable Architecture: Great Houses on a Budget
Affordable Architecture: Great Houses on a Budget
15 August 2010

Escape In Style, pgs. 52-57
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KTLA Channel 5 News
KTLA Channel 5 News
06 August 2010

Summer Entertaining Like an A-Lister
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CS Interiors
CS Interiors
01 August 2010

Shower Power, pg. 26 and Out Fest, pg. 50
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Latest News

Earlier this month the teams from KAA Design Group and Cisco Brothers celebrated the launch of their outdoor furniture collaboration - HOM Escape in Style by Cisco Brothers - at the Cisco Home showroom on La Brea.

The HOM furniture line is now available for online purchase! You can now add items to your cart, and use our secure checkout for fast service.
Open House
20 May 2009
The HOM Escape In Style™ showhouse is at KAA! Come experience our 1,000 square foot prefab dwelling and full line of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories, beginning Saturday May 23rd.

The Method

At HOM Escape In Style™ we evaluate all of our raw materials and their sources, utilize innovative material and manufacturing technologies, and contribute a portion of our sales to support organizations working to make a real difference.

We are constantly looking to align ourselves with vendors and manufacturers that share our passion for design and investment in the future prosperity of the planet. We intend to remain only working with local manufacturers for whom the environment and consumer health is their primary concern.

Follow these links to see what makes HOM Escape In Style™ inherently green, as well as what can be done to take your escape off the grid.

Factory Built

HOM Escape In Style™ currently offers three prefab dwellings ranging from 1,000 square feet to 3,600 square feet. Borrowing from both modern sensibility and ranch architectural vernacular, the HOM dwelling series has rustic appeal, iconic form, and a thoughtful layout. Each HOM dwelling is factory-built to exacting construction standards consistent with high-end site build homes.

"Prefab", "modular", and "panelized" are terms often used interchangeably to describe home building options that are prefabricated and/or assembled prior to being delivered to the site. Not to be confused with low-end "tornado-magnet" trailer housing, prefab homes are an upscale alternative to site or stick-built homes and are available in numerous architectural styles. Modular houses are comprised of all the same materials, techniques and standards as site construction, except that the units are assembled in day instead of months. When properly installed and maintained, a prefab home will appreciate the same way as surrounding site-built homes in an area.

HOM dwellings are 90% factory built. This method results in less material waste than typical site built construction and one-time delivery dramatically reduces carbon emissions from workers' daily commutes. Innovative design combined with sustainable materials and efficient systems make HOM dwellings inherently green.

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