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Earlier this month the teams from KAA Design Group and Cisco Brothers celebrated the launch of their outdoor furniture collaboration - HOM Escape in Style by Cisco Brothers - at the Cisco Home showroom on La Brea.

The HOM furniture line is now available for online purchase! You can now add items to your cart, and use our secure checkout for fast service.
Open House
20 May 2009
The HOM Escape In Style™ showhouse is at KAA! Come experience our 1,000 square foot prefab dwelling and full line of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories, beginning Saturday May 23rd.

What is HOM Escape In Style?

HOM Escape in Style™ is a complete line of products created by world-class designers featuring warm, modern design and functional amenities at a great price point. The product line includes manufactured houses, furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories designed with respect for the future prosperity of our planet.

What is the inspiration behind the HOM product line?

The HOM line of products was inspired by the love of indoor/outdoor living and the opportunity to provide balance to our busy lives by connecting with nature in a simple, low-impact, and stylish way.

Who are the designers behind HOM?

An expert team of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, product and brand experience designers from the award-winning KAA Design Group in Los Angeles, California.

Why should I consider buying a HOM instead of building one on-site?

Quality, speed, efficiency and a smaller footprint on our environment.  Factory production streamlines and expedites the process of manufacturing and transportation by utilizing a controlled environment to increase quality and reduce environmental impact by limiting construction waste, material and labor transportation requirements. Speed and efficiency result in a viable economic solution. For more on the craft and quality we put into each HOM please see our pdf specifications on the dwellings.

What makes HOM eco-friendly?

HOM Escape In Style™ was created around the idea that living simply and ecologically doesn't have to come at the cost of style or comfort. HOM products include natural, sustainable, non-toxic materials including FSC certified woods for the furniture, organic linens, LED light bulbs and recycled aluminum. HOM dwellings are built in a controlled factory setting that minimizes construction material waste, economizes on labor, and ensures the level of quality that allows them to last for decades. HOM dwellings are also built using an existing infrastructure. All HOM products are made to last — including materials that are as easy and comfortable outdoors as they are indoors. We also believe in giving back to environment with each and every sale and that is why we choose to be a 1% For The Planet Member.

Where is HOM manufactured? By what company?

HOM is manufactured at Silvercrest factories in Corona and Woodland, California. Silvercrest is a division of Western Homes Corporation who has been manufacturing homes for 36 years.

How many different models of HOM are available?

Four HOM dwellings are currently available for order:

  • A 870 square foot 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom dwelling which is delivered in one piece.
  • A 1,000 square foot 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom dwelling which is delivered in one piece.
  • A 2,000 square foot 3 or 4 bedroom / 3 bathroom dwelling which is delivered in two pieces.
  • A 3,600 square foot 4, 5 or 6 bedroom / 4 bathroom dwelling which is delivered in three pieces.

What is the lead-time required to get a HOM?

Generally, 10 weeks from the time of purchase.

What are transportation costs?

Transportation costs do vary but generally they are $13.00 a mile plus $400.00 for transport permits. The minimum transportation fee is $1,800.00.

Are these homes available in my state?

The homes are available throughout the Western United States. For areas outside the Western United States please contact us directly so we can best serve your needs.

How do I purchase a HOM?

Your purchase can be made directly through the HOM team, who will be more than happy to coordinate all aspects of the transaction, delivery and set-up. Contact us directly for more information.

What is the cost of a HOM dwelling?

HOM Studio is $161,000.00 ($185.00/sq ft)
HOM 1 is $175,000.00 ($175.00/sq ft)
HOM 2 is $375,000.00 ($187.50/sq ft)
HOM 3 is $425,000.00 ($118.00/sq ft)
In addition to the above costs please allow for delivery, foundation, set-up and any decking. These costs typically range form 15% to 25% of the cost of the home.

Will HOM work in my climate?

Yes, some modifications may need to be made for snow and wind loads but typically the dwellings will function efficiently in your environment.

Can I finance my HOM?

Yes. HOM is a UBC modular home allowing for traditional financing options although in today's market financing can be difficult to secure. UBC stands for Universal Building Code, the same code that governs conventionally built homes.

Can the furniture, lighting, and accessories be purchased separately?

Yes. All products from the HOM line may be purchased individually through this website, and select showrooms throughout the United States. Contact us directly for more information.

Can you customize the HOM unit?

Yes.  There are several options for the interior and exterior finishes, as well as, a range of fixtures, appliances, and alternative energy systems. Basic packages and a sample premium package are viewable on our site under dwellings.

Does the HOM require a foundation? How do you stabilize the HOM?

Yes. The HOM unit requires a standard perimeter concrete foundation. This is not included in the price.

Are permits required?

Yes. It is important to contact your planning and building department to inquire about any local restrictions. When purchasing HOM dwelling, our expert team will lead you through the permitting process.

Can it be considered a "mobile home"?

No, it is a UBC modular built home.

How do you transport HOM? Once installed, can you move the HOM?

The HOM unit is towed to your site on its own axle and wheels by a semi-trailer truck. The home is installed on a permanent foundation but it does not preclude you from moving your HOM in the future.
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